My Pet Peeve: Pets at Events by Ed Boks

Don’t take your pets to loud events. Bring them a T-shirt instead!

I recently attended an anti-animal cruelty fundraising event.  Heroic individuals who dedicated their lives to ending the most dreadful forms of cruelty were recognized – cruelty like the fur trade, circuses, trophy hunting, rodeos, puppy mills, the dog meat industry, and so on.

Only society’s most WOKE animal lovers were invited to this exclusive event.  So you can imagine my horror when some of these extremely committed animal lovers unintentionally exposed their very own pets to prolonged bouts of pain.

The cause of the pain?  Noise.  Loud noises in the form of amplified music, thunderous applause, and raucous commotion.  It is possible that some of these pets were sedated.  Some pet owners might see their pet’s discomfort with loud noises and think “what better solution than sedation?”– not recognizing that pets don’t react to noise because it’s loud – they react because it’s painful.

Dogs hear sounds and detect frequencies up to 60,000cps (60 kHz), compared to our human capacity of up to 20,000cps (or 20kHz). Cats have even more sensitive hearing than dogs (64kHz).  So if a noise is loud for you, it’s at least four times louder for your pet.

Protect your pets from painful noise; leave them home.

Loud noises have been known to cause heart problems, nausea, and even panic attacks in pets.  While sedation may create the illusion of “calm” your pet is no less terrified of these painful noises.

Spare your four legged companions the unnecessary suffering that comes from taking them to events where they are exposed to loud noises – be aware of your pets’ needs and fears – and leave them safely at home.