Ed Boks and the Cyber-Stalker

This page was created in response to the many false internet postings by an infamous internet troll against Ed Boks.

For over a decade Ed Boks has been relentlessly attacked by an internet troll living in Beverly Hills, California.  Mary Cummins has devoted much of her life to attacking, defaming and destroying people on the internet; and Ed Boks is on her long list of victims.

Mary Cummins’ relentless attacks on Ed Boks started while he was the General Manager of LA Animal Services.  In 2007, Ed Boks was directed by LAPD and  the LA City Attorney’s office to fire Mary Cummins from the LA Animal Services Volunteer Program.  In retaliation, Mary Cummins filed a wrongful termination and sexual harassment lawsuit against the City of LA and named Boks as an individual defendant.

In July of 2009, it was falsely reported that the Los Angeles City Council approved a $130,000 settlement in a sexual harassment complaint against departing Animal Services Director Ed Boks.  This false information has been promulgated by Mary Cummins ever since.  In fact, the City settled a frivolous ‘wrongful termination’ suit on July 23, 2009, and all charges against Ed Boks were dismissed 45 days earlier on June 10, 2009.

Ed Boks had steadfastly denied all charges against him and had demanded that the City not settle any claim brought by Mary Cummins.  Seeing Ed Boks’ resolve to fight her salacious allegations, she dropped her claim against him.  Ed Boks said at the time, “While I am gratified that all charges against me were dismissed, I would have preferred that the truth could have come out prior to the City entering into any settlement.”

Without knowing Mary Cummins had a long history of making false allegationsEd Boks went on to predict: “I could not agree to any settlement at any price, and I am concerned that such settlements will only encourage other frivolous lawsuits…”

One year later: Mary Cummins moved on to her next victim, Amanda Lollar, Founder and President of Bat World Sanctuary in Texas.  Amanda was fortunate in that she had an able attorney by the name  of Randy Turner to represent her.  The result of that case was a $6 million judgment against Mary Cummins in actual and punitive damages for defamation. The judge also ordered Cummins to remove all her defaming comments against Bat World and Amanda Lollar from the internet.  Randy is now among her victims, as is his wife, child and several judges who have ruled against Mary Cummins.

This horrific story can be found in agonizing detail here: Randy’s Cyber-Stalker

Of particular note, is this astounding 76 page Mary Cummins APPEAL and the judgment upheld by the Supreme Court of Texas against Mary Cummins.


  • Mary Cummins posted on her website the following lies:

“UPDATE: 12/03/2017 Ed Boks was trying to take a better paying position with Best Friends.  Best Friends did their research on Boks.  He will most likely not be getting the position.  Back in the 90’s Boks used to talk about ‘no-kill’ at Best Friends events.  There were so many complaints about him sexually harassing women that Best Friends had to get a minder to follow him around to make sure he didn’t harass the women.  They have not forgotten.  People reminded them about Ed Boks just to make sure.  Ed Boks is a sexual harassment, discrimination lawsuit just waiting to be filed.  He’s a liability to any company that hires him.”

Mr. Boks’ attorney contacted Best Friends regarding Cummins’ libelous comments.  Here is Best Friends response refuting each of these lies.  

In addition to the linked letter above, Michael Mountain, Past President and co-Founder of Best Friends Animal Society, and the lead on the Best Friends Conferences that Cummins referenced, had this to say about his partnership with Ed Boks, “Best Friends worked closely with Ed Boks when he was director of Animal Care and Control in Maricopa County (Phoenix, AZ). At a time when city and county animal control departments were way behind the curve, compared to private humane organizations, Ed was one of the nation’s first animal control directors to embrace the “no-kill” movement. Rather than being a reluctant follower, he led the charge, pioneered spay/neuter and adoption programs, and achieved remarkable results in Maricopa County, New York City and then Los Angeles.”

  • In the same blog Mary Cummins goes on to lie, “People have been wondering where in LA was Ed Boks working.  It seems the people at G2 Gallery didn’t even Google Ed Boks’ name.  If they had, they would have seen that he’s been fired from his last four jobs.  He was also sued along with the shelters where he worked for doing some really horrible things.  I’m truly shocked anyone would hire him but he’s working at G2 Gallery.  His job seems to be opening the mail.”  

Boks was recruited by The G2 Gallery to serve as the executive director by his dear friend Dan Gottlieb, the owner of the Gallery.  Mr. Gottlieb’s vetted opinion of Boks is explained in Dan’s Referral Letter for Ed Boks.

  • It is also a lie that Boks was fired from his last four jobs as demonstrated here.  In fact, not only was Boks not fired from Maricopa County, NYC’s  Mayor Bloomberg actually entered into an agreement with Maricopa County to permit the two municipalities to share Boks as he served as executive director for the two largest animal control programs in the United States simultaneously for six months.  This agreement clearly demonstrates the confidence both communities had in Boks’ abilities.

When Boks ultimately decided to leave Arizona to move to New York City, the employees of Animal Care & Control in Maricopa County presented Ed with this token of their appreciation.  The County Board of Supervisors’ also presented Ed with the first ever Chairman’s Award in recognition of his leadership as executive director.

Also while serving at Maricopa County’s Animal Care & Control, Boks was the recipient of the In Defense of Animals Lifetime Achievement Award “for his kindness, compassion and dedication to all of our fellow creatures; for his extraordinary leadership that has saved thousands of lives; and for establishing Maricopa County Animal Care & Control as a model program throughout the country.”   Presented by Elliot Katz D.V.M, President of In Defense of Animals.

When Boks arrived in NYC he was greeted with a New York Times profile; and when Boks left New York City to come to Los Angeles he was presented with his second Life Time Achievement Award “for his groundbreaking work to introduce his No-Kill mission to New York City, educate and involve the community and protect the lives of lost and homeless pets now and for years to come.  A friend to animals everywhere.”

The same time Mayor Bloomberg was recruiting Ed Boks to NYC, Tony La Russa offered him the executive director position at his Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF) in Walnut Creek, CA.  Boks declined that prestigious position in favor of taking the more difficult position in NYC.

To fully understand the full support Boks receives from the organizations he serves, check out all of Ed Boks’ References.

Other Websites about Mary Cummins

Mary Cummins of “Animal Advocates,” “Cummins Real Estate Services,” and “Cummins Real Estate Appraisals” has devoted her life  to attacking and destroying innocent individuals and animal rescue organizations using the internet.

When she has been sued by her victims she claims she can’t be held liable by the courts because they don’t have “jurisdiction” over her.

When Mary Cummins proposed that argument to a Texas judge it fell flat and she wound up owing her victim $6 million, plus $51,616.77 per month interest as long as the judgment remains unpaid.

It is hoped she will be deemed a “vexatious litigant” by the courts which means she will have to post a significant bond before she can file any more lawsuits. Numerous websites and blogs about Mary Cummins have been created by her victims over the years. They have been pushed down on Google and other search engines due to extensive search engine optimization by the cyber-stalker.  Here are just a few of them:

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If you are a victim of Mary Cummins you may find the information at  Mary Cummins Vexatious Litigant helpful.

Unfortunately, current law is inadequate to deal with cyber trolls like Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates and Cummins Real Estate Appraisals. Defamation lawsuits may be filed and won but cyber-stalkers simply hide their assets, ignore court judgments, and keep on telling malicious lies about their victims on the internet.

The cyber-stalker “Mary Cummins” is also known as “Mary Cobb”, “Mary Cummins-Cobb”, “Mary Katherine Cummins”, “Mary Katherine Cobb”, “Mary K Cobb”, “MaryQueenofScoots,” “Maria Rivera”, “MMMary“, and any combination of these names.

If you have any questions regarding Mary Cummins’ false allegations against Ed Boks, he is happy to discuss your concerns with you personally.  You can contact Ed Boks here.