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Ed Boks humane, non-lethal programs can help your community achieve and sustain No-Kill

The name Ed Boks is associated with life saving programs and results.  In communities large and small, Boks has demonstrated the efficacy of his no-kill programs time and again.  Boks has managed three of the largest animal control programs in the United States; Maricopa County, AZ, New York City and Los Angeles as well as a moderately sized humane society in a rural community.

Life saving results is the one consistent hallmark in all of Boks’ assignments.  “If people want to save lives, it can be done, but it will mean hard work and sometimes upsetting the status quo, and that will always draw its share of naysayers.”

But there is no denying the results.  Boks’  compassionate, non-lethal programs and strategies are proven to help the greatest number of animals at risk in any community.

In three major communities, Boks reduced the killing to a historic low, while transforming each agency into the highest volume pet adoption program in the world.  He effectively replaces historic “catch and kill” methodologies with a new generation of life-saving, user friendly, animal friendly programs.  And he can do the same for your community!

Whatever your organization, or organizational need, Ed Boks can help you achieve your goals!

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