Can Pets Ever Practice Safe Sex?

Overpopulation is the leading cause of death for dogs and cats around the world. Help save lives by developing better ways to sterilize dogs and cats, improve their lives, and prevent the birth of unwanted litters.

The link below is to an important petition. This petition is designed to influence pharmaceutical companies, funders, and regulatory agencies to ask for (or press for) support or advancement of non-surgical spay/neuter solutions.

Because pharmaceutical companies do not see a demand for these products they are in no hurry to produce them. That same perceived lack of urgency and demand has kept funding low. This petition will demonstrate the critical need and the public demand that will help expedite development of these products. Please click on the site below to sign this petitions and help develop these important no-kill solutions:

If you want more information on this important project, please visit the attached website below:

For more information on the important work Los Angeles Animal Services is doing to help LA become No-Kill

Working together we can make LA and the nation safe for all our pets!