October ’06 Numbers Are In by Ed Boks

LA Animal Services Adoptions for dogs and cats are up nearly 9% in October 06 compared to October 05, and New Hope placements are up 48%. Euthanasia is down nearly 12% from last year’s record low. For dogs euthanasia is down over 20% and for cats euthanasia is down nearly 12%

This success is due in large part to our New Hope Partners. New Hope Placements were up nearly 93% for cats and 28% for dogs!

This translates into 1,938 live placements into loving homes compared to 1,605 last October. In addition, nearly 400 lost pets were safely returned to their frantic owners in October. Remember, if you love your pet, you will license and neuter your pet!

LA Animal Services experienced a 60% live release rate in October 06 for cats and dogs combined. That represents a 72% live release rate for dogs and a 46% live release rate for cats! That is truly amazing! But we have a long way to go to achieve No-Kill, although we are getting closer and closer every day!

LA Animal Services wants to thank all our adopters, New Hope Partners, volunteers, and staff for these extraordinary results. Together we are making Los Angeles the safest City in the United States for our pets! Together we are creating happiness by bringing pets and people together! Thank you!