More on Safe Sex For Animals by Ed Boks

An organization called the Alliance for Contraception in Cats and Dogs (ACC&D) has funded a study for a promising non-surgical sterilant. Work on the product is still in the early phases, and this grant will make it possible to take the next step in determining the potential for its use in female dogs and cats.

A non-surgical sterilant is the “Holy Grail” of the animal welfare/no-kill movement. If this is a topic that intersts you consider attending ACC&D’s Third International Symposium in November to learn more about progress in the field and about how you can help reach our shared goals.

The greatest obstacle to the development of these tools over the past several decades has been a lack of focus and a lack of funding. ACC&D is the only organization solely dedicated to getting these new tools developed and brought to market where they can start saving lives. But they can’t do it alone! Please consider making a donation to ACC&D today. Your tax- deductible contribution makes it possible to advance development of these life saving tools.

ACC&D Gives First Grant
Excerpt from the article:
…ACC&D hopes the grant will help accelerate development of an affordable, non-surgical form of sterilization. “In the long run, we believe this technology could have a profound impact on controlling dog and cat overpopulation around the world and provide a safe alternative to surgical sterilizations,” says Briggs. “Overpopulation results in the death of more dogs and cats than any other disease. We want to help ‘man’s best friends’ by identifying and supporting studies that can help end this suffering.”…