New Hope Program expands; becomes more inclusive by Ed Boks

Over 75 organizations have already signed up as New Hope Partners to help LA Animal Services save lives and make LA the first major no-kill city in the United States.

Each day, New Hope Partners receive an email list of all the animals they can rescue at no cost to them. This includes free spay/neuter surgery, a microchip, vaccinations, and some times additional medical treatment. Absorbing these costs demonstrates Animal Services’ commitment to the life saving efforts of our partners by allowing them to maximize their limited resources to care for the animals they take from our Animal Care Centers.

The New Hope Alert is now available on-line for all to see. Now our New Hope Partners and members of the public can see for themselves the animals on our New Hope Alert every day. And this list is updated EVERY HOUR, 24 hours a day! 

The New Hope Alert is not a euthanasia list. It is simply a list of animals that our New Hope Partners can take at no charge. However, if the animal on the New Hope Alert has red font, it is at greater risk of being euthanized and it is our hope that our Partners will prioritize their life saving decisions to help these animals first.

The purpose of posting this information on our website is to save lives. With transparency comes vulnerability. The more information Animal Services shares the easier we can be made into a target by people not willing to help save lives but whose only intent is spreading discontent and strife that ironically slows the effort to end the killing.

Please use this tool responsibly. We share it with the community because we trust in the better angels of Angelinos to do the right thing. Please work with us to save lives.

If you would like to view our New Hope Alert daily you can view it at:

LA Animal Services does not yet have a New Hope Program for rabbits, but in the meantime if you would like to view the rabbits we have up for adoption you can go to:

Together we can make LA the safest City in the United States for our pets. Thank you for your continued support!