LA City Council supports Senate Bill 1806 by Ed Boks

Today the City Council voted to place the City of Los Angeles officially on record in support of Senator Liz Figueroa’s bill, SB 1806, to outlaw the confinement of a companion animal in an unattended, closed vehicle.

The City’s lobbyists in Sacramento now can testify or lobby on the bill’s behalf. Until today, it was impermissible for City officials to claim to formally represent the City in support or opposition to the bill, though they could represent themselves as individuals.

SB 1806 passed out of the Assembly Appropriations Committee on a 14-1 vote yesterday (Thursday) and will now go to the Assembly floor, where it appears destined for passage.

Thanks to LA Animal Services Commander Diliberto, LA City Attorney Dov Lesel, and LA Animal Services’ volunteer Judy Mancuso, for this groundbreaking work made possible by the support of the LA Animal Services Commission.

Together we truly are making LA and California the safest place in the United States for our pets!